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BLS Trainings

New england chapter of APPNA (APPNE), initiated the BLS education project in 2005-2006. Our collaborating team was the group out of abbotabad called DMCRelief. A pilot project was conducted. by Drs. Nadeem Afridi, Wali Khan and Noman Siddiqui. Later doctors from Ireland with Disaster Relief Irish Pakistanis, join the efforts. BLS courses were held at Ayub teaching hospital, AIMS Muzaffarabad and Khyber Medical College (KMC). APCNA expanded this project to the December 2006 Lahore meeting at Mayo hospital .
So far over 500 medical students have benefitted from this training in abbotabad. 100 medical  students were trained via coordination with 'students learning forum' at KMC. The show person  at khyber has been a young medical student Laila Hakam.

APPNE is so proud of this young group from KMC. Lets get  all involved and mobilized. Plz contact APPNA, APCNA or APPNE.
(Dr. Rizwan Naeem joined from Houston)
Pictures from previous sessions are below