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APPNE Bylaws




Association of Pakistani Physicians of North America, New England Chapter, thereafter referred as the APPNE, is the New England arm of the Association of Pakistani Physicians of North America thereafter referred as APPNA, which is a national organization. APPNE is governed by the constitution of APPNA and operates by charter from this national organization.


Goals and Objectives


1.      To support medical education and research.

2.      To form a peer group for support and career development of physicians of Pakistani origin in New England.

3.      To facilitate better understanding and relations amongst Pakistani physicians and people of New England.

4.      To institute mechanisms for cooperation with other medical organizations in New England.

5.      To help in the orientation and adjustment of medical students and medical school graduates from Pakistan entering the US medical system in New England.

6.      To cooperate with medical schools and hospitals in Pakistan in ongoing continuing medical education by arranging lecture tours, conferences and workshops.

7.      To participate in medical relief and other charitable activities both in Pakistan and in North America. 



Chapter 1



Section 1


Any medical graduate (medicine or dentistry) of Pakistani origin can join APPNE. Membership with the national organization is required. There shall be no discrimination on the basis of religion, sex or race.



Section 2


Full Members - To be eligible for active membership of the New England Chapter, a physician must hold an unrevoked permanent license to practice Medicine in at least one of the New England states.

Associate Members - These members will have all the privileges except the right to hold office. APPNE may admit to membership physicians in training and physicians who have a temporary license to practice medicine in any of the New England states. Pakistani Physicians who reside in one of the New England States but do not hold a license to practice in any of them may also become Associate Members.


Section 3


General Organization and Structure –

  • General body shall consist of duly registered members of association. This will be the supreme authority of the association for the conduct of affairs. All actions taken by any officer, board or committee of the association may be approved, rejected by this body.

The officers of the Association shall be




  • Treasurer
  • Executive board will be the legislative body of the association and will consist of the officers of the association, one member at large from New Hampshire, Maine, Rhode Island, Vermont, Western and Eastern Massachusetts as well as a member in training in New England (total of 9). This council will approve the time and place of the meetings, the membership dues, create and authorize committees and control the finances of the organization.  



Chapter 2




Section 1


Funds for the meetings and expenses of the association activities shall be financed by annual dues, special and voluntary contributions. The financial status of the association will be presented by the treasurer to the general body in the annual spring meeting. All monies of the association will be banked and kept with the parent organization, APPNA accounts and accountant.


Section 2

Members of APPNE shall pay such dues and assessments as shall from time to time, be determined by the executive board. Physicians in training are exempt from membership dues. 


Section 2


Arrears/Suspensions — Any member, whose dues are not paid by March 31st, will be considered in arrears. If in arrears in the payment of dues or assessments to APPNE one month after notification (if no extension of time for payment has been granted by Secretary/Treasurer, or upon expiration of any extension that may have been granted) shall be suspended from current membership until all sums in arrears shall have been paid.



Chapter 3




Section 1


Determination of time and place — There will be an annual meeting every spring.   During each annual session APPNE may hold any number of general meetings. The number and time of these meetings shall be determined either by the members present in the prior meeting or the executive board. The membership may direct the officers and board to appoint committees for scientific, cultural and social activities. General Meetings shall be presided over by the President, or in his/her absence, the treasurer or by the immediate Past President.



Section 2


Quorum — presence of at least 25% paying members of APPNE shall constitute the quorum of the general body. A simple majority of those present shall be required for adoption of a resolution or direct action. For executive council, 50% of its members will constitute a quorum.



Chapter 4




Section 1


Term of Office — Officers shall take office immediately after the election. All officers shall serve until their respective successors have been elected. Election of President /Vice-President, Secretary/Treasurer will be held at the Fall meeting, alternatively.


Section 2


President — The president shall be the general executive officer of APPNE.

1.He/she shall serve a term of office for two years and for no more than two consecutive terms.

2.He/she shall be the presiding officer of the Executive Board and general body meetings.

3.He/she shall appoint necessary committees when so needed and fill any vacancies.

4.He/she shall perform such other duties as are imposed upon him/her by the bylaws of the chapter.

5.He/she shall hold the office of Past President at the conclusion of his/her term of office.



Section 3


Vice-President-- 1.The Vice President shall act for the President in his/her absence or disability.

2.Should the office of President become vacant, the Vice President shall succeed to the Presidency for the un-expired term.

3.The Vice President shall be a member of the Board with the right to vote therein.

4.He/she shall coordinate and organize the scientific sessions and educational programs at the time of the annual and fall meetings.




Section 4


Secretary — The Secretary shall be an active member of APPNE. He/she shall be the recording officer of the Executive Board.

1.He/she shall supervise all arrangements for the holding of each meeting in compliance with the Constitution and Bylaws and instructions of the Executive Board.

2.He/she shall send out all official notices of meetings, committee appointments, certificates of election to office and special committee assignments.

3.He/she shall receive and transmit to the Executive Board the annual and other reports of officers and committees.

4.He/she shall submit the application for annual renewal of chapter to APPNA’s Secretary along with all necessary reports.

5.He/she shall perform such other duties as are imposed upon him/her by the Constitution and Bylaws of APPNE.


Section 5


Treasurer--- The Treasurer shall be the custodian of all the invested funds and the securities under the direction and control of the Executive Board. The Board at its discretion may cause an audit of APPNE accounts to be done by a certified public accountant.

1.He/she shall collect all annual membership dues, assessments, donations, and such monies as may be due to APPNE, and keep updated membership records.

2.He/she shall deposit all funds received in an approved depository.

3.He/she may disburse funds necessary to carry out the functions of APPNE upon order of the President and/or the Board, and disburse up to a limit of $200.00 without prior approval.

4.He/she shall present the Treasurer’s Report at the Annual general meeting of APPNE.

5.He/she shall submit financial statements to APPNA's Treasurer and accountant as required by the APPNA bylaws for chapter annual renewal. 






Chapter 5




The President with the advice of executive board shall appoint standing committees of APPNE. The composition and the duties thereof shall be mentioned there in. The Committees will be:


a.         Membership drive committee

b.         Bylaws committee

c.         Spouse’s auxiliary committee

d.         Any other committee deemed necessary by the President, the executive board or the general body.



Chapter 6




Section 1


Nomination — Nominations can be proposed and seconded by any paying member of the general body at the meeting prior to the termination of the office term. The person proposing and the nominee shall both be present in that meeting. Only the paying full members present shall cast the ballot. This will be an open ballot, however, upon approval of majority of members a member present may request a secret ballot. A simple majority shall rule. The members at large will be nominated and elected by the members from their geographical area by a simple majority.




Chapter 7



Section 1


An office of APPNE shall be declared vacant by the President when an officer resigns, leaves the New England states for a period of longer than four months without prior arrangements or becomes unable to carry out the duties of the office for reasons of health or otherwise.


Section 2


In the above cited case, the office of the person resigning shall be assumed by another office bearer until next general body meeting when a new candidate for that office will be nominated and elected to carry on the duties until the term is completed. In case that the President and Secretary/Treasurer both resign or leave at the same time, the President will appoint an interim Secretary/Treasurer who will also carry on the duties of the office of President until the next general body meeting when office for both posts will be nominated and elected for that term.



Chapter 8




Section 1


Referendum at APPNE Meeting — At any general meeting of APPNE, the general body shall, by two-third vote of the full members present, order a general referendum upon any question pertinent to the purpose and objective of APPNE.


Section 2


The general meeting of APPNE can be called for, earlier than the scheduled time, to deal with unexpected situations or for a specific purpose, as needs arise.



Chapter 9




When prompt speech or action is imperative, authority to speak or act in

the name of APPNE is vested in the President. If unavailable, the Vice-President shall do the same.


Chapter 10



These bylaws may be amended by proposal from any member in general body meeting to the bylaws committee, which will analyze and recommend an amendment for presentation at the next meeting. Voting will take place upon this after discussion. It so voted; the amendments to these bylaws shall become effective immediately upon adoption.