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2010 President's Message

Dear APPNE members:
We had a very successful meeting on May 8, 2010 at Hilton. The attendance was more than expected and included several young physicians from New England and community at large.
Congressman Capuano spoke at the meeting followed by Eva from MIRA and CME lecture by Dr. Schahrukh Jalisi. The busniess meeting included announcement of new office bearers of the APPNE. Dr. Naheed Usmani, chair of the NC announced the results as follows:
President: Khalil Khatri
Vice President: Jamila Khalil
Secretary: Muhammad Ramzan
Treasurer: Salman Malik
Members at Large:
NH: Khawaja Rahman
RI: Khuram Ghori
MA: East (Academic): Schahrukh Jalisi
MA: East (Private): Zaheer Ahmed
MA: Central: Fauzia Khan
MA: West: Maseeh Farooqui
The business meeting was followed by a wonderful performance by Rahim Shah.
It was also announced that the next APPNE annual meeting will be on Saturday April 30, 2011.  
I would like to thank all the board members who helped in the organization of this successful meeting.
I invite all the Physicians/Dentists in the New England area to help and support me to make APPNE even more vibrant and active. Please feel free to call or email me. Thank you.
Khalil Khatri, MD