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President's (2012 - 2014) message


Dear Colleagues:
I would like to thank the APPNE membership for honoring me with this opportunity to run a very active organization like APPNE. I have served in APPNE board for past few years, initially as a member at large, then as an acting Treasurer and for past two years as the Vice President. I have also served as the President of New England Pakhtoon Association.
I came to the US at a very early age and lived in Boston area all my life. I went to Boston University Dental School and I am in private practice in Franklin, MA
APPNE has come a long way in past 10 years as we learned. We have been active in professional, social and welfare activities in New England and in Pakistan. Whenever there was a disaster in Pakistan, we played a very active and leading role to help. Our teams of APPNE physicians were always on the ground to help needy people in Pakistan.
My experience with APPNE has been very fulfilling professionally and personally and it has been an honor to serve APPNE and the local community. APPNE works not because of one person or a few board members but our chapter has been running smoothly because of its membership.
I pledge and hope that I will continue the good work started by previous presidents and will fulfill my responsibility to the best of my ability and I have confidence in the rest of my board members that as a team, we will bring APPNE to a new level of accomplishments.
I am planning to continue our cooperative work with Pakistan Association of Greater Boston (PAGB). We will work on our efforts to have Free Clinics staffed by APPNE volunteer physicians in conjunction with Lowell Community Health Center. We will try to finalize our application process for APPNE’s own 501-c-3 status. I want APPNE to engage young Pakistani students and physicians in training, and to that end we will try to arrange a forum with them in Boston area. I invite the Pakistani students’ organizations in all schools to join hands with APPNE and PAGB to re-establish our ties.
I request and invite all physicians and dentists in the New England area to please join us and help us carry on the good work that APPNE has been doing for last 10 years.
I look forward to work with you all.
Thank you.
Jamila Khalil, DMD